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Medium Porcelain Vase From Crown - Blue

Date Bowl

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    A collection that embodies the aesthetic beauty of Islamic architecture with its geometric motifs, reflecting the diverse creative expressions by combining Arab heritage and global ideas.

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    Enhance your dessert table with a luxurious serving vase from Crown . This medium-sized vase is a fantastic addition to any occasion or family gathering, featuring an elegant design that allows you to present a variety of sweets in a stylish and organized manner. The vase is crafted from fine porcelain, providing a luxurious and radiant appearance. Enjoy serving sweets in a sophisticated manner with this exquisite porcelain vase.

    Specifications of the Crown  Dessert Serving Vase:  

    Product Classification: Medium-sized Dessert Serving Vase.

    Number of Pieces: One piece with a lid.

    Product Description:  

      This medium-sized vase with a lid offers ample space to arrange and present a variety of sweets. It features a porcelain base with a beautifully designed lid adorned with artistic decorations, adding a touch of luxury. The lid includes a handle for easy lifting and transportation.

      With its elegant and functional design, this dessert serving vase is an ideal addition to any occasion, bringing a sense of luxury and beauty to your dessert presentation.

    Available Colors for the Crown  Dessert Serving Vase:  

    Make your dessert presentation unforgettable with this luxurious serving vase, available in a range of modern and elegant colours to suit all tastes:  

    Grey Dessert Serving Vase .

    Gold  Dessert Serving Vase .

    Brown  Dessert Serving Vase .

    Black Dessert Serving Vase .

    Beige Dessert Serving Vase .

    Silver Dessert Serving Vase

    Tips for Maintaining Your Crown  Dessert Serving Vase:

    To keep your serving vase looking elegant and pristine, follow these care instructions:  

    Gently wash the vase with warm water and mild soap to avoid damaging it.

    Thoroughly dry the interior with a clean, soft cotton towel.

    Store the vase in a safe, clean place to protect it from scratches.

    Use soft utensils and avoid sharp metal tools to prevent surface damage.

    Clean the vase regularly after each use to prevent the buildup of stains and residues.

    Features of the Crown  Dessert Serving Vase:  

    Discover a vase that combines beauty and functionality for elegant dessert presentations, with a range of features that make it the perfect choice for hospitality:  

    The vase boasts elegant and attractive designs, adding a touch of luxury and beauty to any occasion.

    Made from break-resistant porcelain, it is durable and long-lasting.

    Suitable for serving a variety of sweets and candies, making it ideal for any event.

    Available in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the best vase for your dessert presentation needs.

    Perfect for decorating and presenting sweets at special occasions like holidays and celebrations.

    Enjoy your desserts in luxurious style with this elegantly designed serving vase. The ornate vase is a wonderful finishing touch for your dessert table and hospitality presentation, enhancing every occasion with a touch of sophistication. Discover the finest hospitality products from Otantik Home.

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